The modular Mikveh Malchut requires few special preparations, even less than a regular mikveh:

– A straight, smooth concrete floor that can hold the weight of the water relative to the type of mikveh.

 The floor must have a minimum thickness of 15 cm.

(It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the floor is strong and able to sustain the required weight)

  • Water outlet on the wall
  • Sewer outlet
  • Electricity (for customers who want heating through a heat exchanger)
  • Plan the site to ensure that rainwater easily enters the mikveh
  • There is no obligation to take our heating, filter and disinfection system

For your attention:

Customers can obtain advice on how to plan a location, at an equal price for everyone, from a rabbi expert in mikvehs.

דריות הכנה לבניית מקוה מלכות
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