No heavy infrastructure, lengthy preparations or complicated construction involving numerous professionals are required. Thanks to the revolutionary design of the Mikveh Malchut, the entire construction process is extremely simple, fast and has many advantages:

No digging is required

Construction time at the site of the customer is short – one working day

Construction costs are very low compared to the current form of construction

Maintenance costs are reduced by more than half (building materials are insulated and the cost of heating the water is reduced since there is no need to heat the ground)

The production of the mikveh’s parts for assembly is extremely short and involves just a few days

Cleaning the mikveh is simpler and easier: all that is needed is a Gileda cloth and nothing else (the problem of water accumulating between tiles does not exist as in mikvehs with mosaic walls)*

Detection of leaks is very fast: repairs are carried out in just three working days.

The mikveh can be installed in a house, apartment, courtyard, small settlements, hospitals, military bases and even prisons.

It is important to note that construction of the mikveh takes place on the work site and it does not arrive as a readymade unit.

For more details contact: Gideon – 0503828406. mikvehmalchut@gmail.com

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