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A “tevilat deoritta” (Torah-prescribed) mikveh for all methods, in elegant designs. A mikveh for women, utensils and men. Economical installation and maintenance.
מקוה דאורייתא בעיצוב יוקרתי . מקווה לנשים כלים וגברים,חסכוני בהתקנה ואחזקה

Mikveh for women.
Only our company is able to check for leakage at any moment, unlike concrete which is checked once every six months. Thanks to our "testing coop"

A mikveh that can be built rapidly (in one day) | Easy to keep warm and clean | Registered patent  | Food standard.

The simplicity of the construction makes it possible to build a halakhically luxurious and beautifully designed mikveh

(For surfaces, customers have a choice of marble, mosaic or ceramic tiles, or more)

No need to use dangerous acids for cleaning, disinfection or maintenance!

The price includes: planning, supervision and guidance on the construction of the mikveh according to halakha.

Our state-of-the-art method of construction enables customers to build a mikveh in:

  | every neighborhood | street | residential building | apartments  | houses   | even in hotels!


Mikveh on the floor
Mikveh on a roof
thanks to the reduced weight compared to a concrete mikveh * on approval by an engineer
Mikveh on a balcony
thanks to the reduced weight compared to a concrete mikveh Mikveh on the ground
Mikveh on the ground
Mikveh in a stairwell
from the start of construction it is possible to see the staircase Construction in a parking lot
בניה בחניה
Entrance from an upper floor by way of a raised floor.
Mikveh on the floor
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Mikveh Malchut: No need to dig in the ground!

Mikveh Malchut Advanced method of construction

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We build our mikvehs all over the world

Mikveh USA, Europe and Canada

Building a mikveh with huge savings in construction costs.

The combination of a regular, local building contractor (with no mikveh contractor),

together with our work will save you a lot of money in the construction of the mikveh complex,

as well as following construction, due to the easy, cheap maintenance of the mikveh.

Faster to build, cheaper to maintain, halakhically robust.

After hundreds and maybe thousands of years, there is now great progress in the world of mikvehs and purification.

Mikveh Malchut:

*Mikveh with just one otzar (reservoir). Otzar hashaka (touching reservoir) + immersion pool.

*Mikveh with two otzarot :  an otzar hashaka + otzar zeriya (sowing reservoir)  + immersion pool.

*Mikveh according to the Chabad method. A lower otzar beneath each immersion pool (no half pool)

*Mikveh with all methods. Otzar hashaka  + otzar zeriya + lower otzar (under each immersion pool) + immersion pool (suitable for Sephardim/Chabad and Ashkenazim)

*Mikveh for utensils and building a reservoir for existing mikvehs, repairing and renovation of mikvehs

*Building a rainwater reservoir using our method

Explanation of our method

Mikveh Malchut – with God’s help A tevilat deoritta mikveh Our special patent enables customers to build a massive, stable mikveh that preserves the water, prevents leakages, conserves heat in the mikveh and enables rapid construction.

Benefits of the Mikveh Malchut.

The benefits of the Mikveh Malchut are numerous, and answer many of the problems and shortcomings of traditional mikvehs, which have not undergone innovations since hundreds of years. The Mikveh Malchut offers a three-year warranty! Service is provided within three working days at most.


An installation team arrives at the construction site, accompanied by a rabbi who is an expert in mikvehs (the rabbi will sign a document certifying that he was present and supervised the construction process and everything was done according to halachic requirements). All our mikvehs comply with stringent halakha for women

Installation requirements.

The modular Mikveh Malchut requires very little special preparation, even less than a regular mikveh. The mikveh structure is independent; it does not require external reinforcements or in the building frame. This considerably reduces expenses and the overall weight
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About the Mikveh Malchut | explanation by a Bet Din rabbi | advantages of the Mikveh Malchut | how is the mikveh installed | preparation requirements for the mikveh

Construction and installation all over the world – Mikveh USA, Europe and Canada

Mikveh Malchut – a purification mikveh in every home | contact – Gideon 0503828406

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